Strategic Asset Preservation
How tax planning changes through four stages of retirement
do you know how tax planning changes through the four stages of retirement?   It's harder than you think and it needs careful planning.  find out how!

We'll be live on THURSDAY
APRIL 28, 2022
@ 6:00pm PDT
You need a retirement tax strategy that will:

  • ​Identify the types of taxes you will face at various stages
  • ​Address how taxes impact Social Security and Medicare
  • ​Plan when to tap different accounts so you don't overpay taxes     

 Attend this complimentary workshop and you will learn:

  • ​​The critical tax question you must answer BEFORE retirement
  • What the Social Security "tax trap" is and how you can avoid it
  • ​​Why tapping assets in the wrong order can trigger higher Medicare premiums                                                               
  • The four stages of retirement and important tax actions in each stage, including tricky IRA challenges             
  • ​​Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care, and estate                                                
  • The surprises that often make retirement more expensive   
  • Why you need to manage taxes even before you retire            
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If you'd like to learn how to avoid all possible retirement mistakes and join the movement that sees retirement as fun, then this webinar is for you.
Register NOW If You Want To:
  • ​Take advantage of low income years
  • ​Use different account types as expenses increase
  • ​Maximize your retirement income to make your money last longer.
  • ​Use the proven tax reduction strategies to minimize taxes on Social Security and how to structure your IRA/401k distributions as part of a lifetime income plan for you and your spouse.
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About Your Host Angelica Roxas
  • An astute professional who has 21+ years experience as an Investment Advisor Representative
  • ​Registered with California Tax Education Council (CTEC)
  • ​Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies
  • Founder and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc,
  • ​Recognized and published by Forbes for her Social Security expertise
  • ​​Holds the industry’s most prestigious Social Security designation through being a loyal member of the NSSA – (National Social Security Advisor).
  • ​She has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal for her leadership role.
This FREE Training is Only Available for a Limited Time, Don't Miss Out!
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